Artificial Intelligence Offerings as an #API

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or for short “AI”, is the use of intelligent machines that react and work like the human mind. This area of computer science is mainly concerned with speech recognition, processing, planning, learning, and problem-solving. On the surface, artificial intelligence may be linked to robotics, as it is mostly portrayed as such in Sci-fi movies, but the concept of artificial intelligence is much more complex than that. Artificial intelligence is now capable of much more than you think, it can provide you with reasoning, just like a human would, it can correct itself (self-correction) and it can learn and adapt, most programs are fixed when evaluated in terms of the duties they perform as their codes bound them to do so, artificial intelligence differs from the traditional methods in this department.

Picture1.pngThe use of Artificial Intelligence is very common, ranging from the top tech businesses to an average person just using his phone or laptop. The term originated in 1956. Today, it holds greater meaning than ever, it stretches from robotic processes such as automation to actual robotics itself! Artificial intelligence has all the abilities that a technical machine should, from speed to accuracy, all while being extremely human-like. AI can identify patterns, process data more efficiently than a human would, making it essential for businesses to have in order to progress.

As we have concluded, AI is a broad term and is not limited to a concise definition. Artificial intelligence holds greater depths even in one’s daily life, Siri a virtual assistant, that can perform a wide range of tasks, from looking up recipes to booking a flight. This type of Artificial Intelligence is working as an API to get the desired results you expect from it. API refers to Application Programming Interface, which acts as a channel between the user and the service provider. In its most basic terms consider the example of your virtual assistant Siri, on your command it acts as an API (application programming interface) to access a different database, such as calling an Uber to your doorstep.

APIs and Applications of AI as an API:

As previously stated, API stands for Application Programming Interface, that provides a platform for a set of routines and tools for building software applications, it also specifies how the different software can interact with one another. Cortana, an assistant made by Microsoft allows you to make reservations at a restaurant by acting as an API, this example highlights the use of a simple API and AI altogether.

Many other such interactions can be observed, Google Maps API permits developers to Picture2.pngembed the web page of google maps using either JavaScript or a Flash Interface. By using Siri to locate a road for you connects this process as a whole. Siri, being a form of artificial intelligence and acting as an application programming interface. Even Tesla, a self-driving car uses Google maps as a basic platform to use its self-driving capabilities.



Use of Artificial Intelligence as an API in Businesses:

Many firms have switched to using a superior functioning artificial intelligence system instead of using their old traditional information technology methods based operating systems.
Many tedious everyday tasks are now being performed by Artificial intelligence based operating systems, freeing up human resources that can better invest their time in projects that will be beneficial for the company. Many Customer Relationship Management systems are now using Artificial Intelligence by using machine learning algorithms to discover information on how to better communicate with customers, on calling the customer is immediately connected to an AI based operator, that deals with the concerns the customer has, more efficiently than any human operator would have.

Two-way communication with ChatBots, ChatBots are using artificial intelligence to engage the customer in a conversation, such pop-ups, ask the customer what they are concerned with and display the information that is only relevant for them. ChatBots ensure better two-way communication and help in promoting consumer loyalty. Companies rely on artificial intelligence to handle such matters, more efficiently and professionally than their human counterparts.


The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence; from IBM to AWS:

International Business Machines or IBM: International business machines or IBM is a platform that previously provided hardware, but is now dealing in the software department, that deal with cognitive computing, a branch very similar to artificial intelligence. The research dates back to 1950, IBM provides server hardware, storage, software, cloud and many cognitive offerings.

IBM Watson is the ultimate offering of IBM for AI and Big Data with tones of applications. It was introduced several years ago, and since then has become on of the most powerful enterpirse APIs out there.

Amazon Web Service Artificial Intelligence or AWS AI: Amazon web service provides you with instances, to optimize your applications with the uses of the provided instance, either upgrade or to enhance performance. AWS enhances the performance of your drive and gives a variety of services targeted for enterprise AI usage. It is also amazing and we have to mention that amazon sustains a blog regarding AI.

Intrigued? Create your own Artificial Intelligence based Program with APIs:

Artificial Intelligence surrounds us, from Tesla’s self-driving cars to Siri on your iPhone, Artificial intelligence comes to play even when we are operating a system to get the smallest amount of output. Cortana, Siri, Tesla, Cogito or our favorite platform to watch movies and series, Netflix, are all examples of artificial intelligence and it’s easy to get influenced by them.

In this technological era, nothing seems to be impossible, one can create his own form of Artificial intelligence by using an Application Programming Interface to make your own custom software.

Using A service that allows you to transform speech into text messages, it allows you to naturally process a language along with an Artificial intelligence system that will cater for your every need.

Step1: Login to their site and allow the program to access the basic data of your account. Accede to their terms and conditions and begin by creating your own artificial Intelligence based virtual assistant.

Step2: Authorize the access to basic information then customize your AI assistant by adding in some standard information, this information includes their Name, Description (what you intend your agent to be), language (the language your agent will be operating in) and the time zone.

Step3: The Test Console, allows you to test out the basic operations performed by your agent. It allows you to enter queries and how your agent will respond to them. Adding an additional small talk is based on your preferences, and you can do so by clicking the enable button.

Step4: Save the changes you have made and find your Artificial intelligence based assistants’ API keys. Feel free to make additional changes if you please then use JavaScript to connect to the

Step5: Use HTML5 speech recognition to get on the right track, communicate with the and host your web interface lastly but not the least, say “hello” to your Artificial Intelligence using, the state of the arts Virtual Assistant!