Growth Stories Series: Didn’t have time to blog during #Covid19

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It’s weird, but I haven’t blogged for almost a year now. I can’t just blame covid19 for this: I was pretty busy scaling the Orfium team.

As you probably already know, if you follow my blog for the last few years, I am currently serving as the CTO of Orfium, which is quite challenging. This company has been through many faces, and it’s still growing in a highly fast-paced mode. Keeping up with the reality of such a company and even more, defining what the truth is for my team is more than challenging.

In the last 18 months, more or less the whole covid19 global pandemic, I had to scale my team up. I didn’t do this alone. Actually, I did the least of it, but it’s my blog, and I will write my experience 😛

I am going to kick off with this post a new series describing my journey the last six years in Orfium, entrepreneurship, leadership, failure, technology, and most important of all, Music!

Why I was so silent

I wasn’t silent at all! I was tweeting the whole time!!! You just didn’t pay enough attention. I simply didn’t have the time and the mental clarity to sit down on my Chromebook and write on my blog. End of story.

What is next?

Nobody really cares, cause nobody asks me. I guess my subscribers have already found more interesting content in other blogs, like the Greek Startup Pirate and I admire them for that! ( I am a huge fun of Alex’s work)

Setting Expectations

I used to talk a lot about APIs, about microservices or gossip about cloud computing. I still love those topics, but I am not such an expert anymore. There are more hot bloggers out there like my friend Kostas who will take your breath away with their technical content. Also, Sakis promised that we are going to be publishing a lot more new content in our Orfium Tech Blog soon (hopefully with the new branding material cause currently, it’s not that pretty. 3rd of August 2021).

So, to make the long story short, I am rebranding my blog from,

In Search of the API Nirvana

previous brand

to my newest passion and focus,

In Search of the Greek Tech Nirvana

new brand

I will be trying to make Greece the Mecca of technology in the Mediterranean. I am far from alone in this pursuit. There is an already fantastic ecosystem established in Greece, and I am just a newly invited member. I really want to help toward this goal!

From now on, you will mainly receive content about my experiences, the latest adventures ( hopefully from conferences and more), and technical content but more selected and focused on specific directions.

My name is Michael Petychakis and if you wanna talk about technology, no matter where you live or your level of experience in tech, just text me.

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