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An overview of the state of modern computer engineering in 2019

I dont usually discuss about general engineering state in my blog but lately as my team is reaching a maturity I am also more confident on discussing how I see technology going. It has been […]

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Offerings as an #API

Artificial intelligence is very important for businesses today but also for saving humans’ lives.
There are many domains of applications and thus the offerings are growing and growing. There are many AI services today, starting from the IBM watchon and the whole and the whole idea of cognitive computing, then we have all the AWS family of services the focus on making AI applicable to everyone.
Microsoft, Google also have massive offerings that even an individual can use and take advantage of.
In this article we focus on analysing some of the areas of applications for such APIs, and simple describe some alternatives if you are interested in building your own AI either for business of your next homegrown project.