Third Week of May 2018 in #Python News: @PyCon

#Python News

This year I couldn’t attend PyCon but I spend some time monitoring the discussions on Twitter. It seemed like an amazing year with several of cool talks on anything related to python.

I was thrilled when they posted all the videos from the lectures on youtube!

In this article, I just wanna share my “To Watch List”, after going over all the published videos. Ideally, I would like to watch all of them. That’s definitely not possible.

I wanna start with the concurrency talk because I have been writing a lot of concurrency production code the last year, and I think I could definitely improve my skills there. My core interest is in the underlying architecture of why people prefer this over other approaches, e.g. transfer the concurrency complexity to a queue.

I have been in the Data Science field for so many years that I tend to forget the very basics. I want to dive into the roots of the field and feel like an undergraduate for a moment!

Okay, I guess my next two lectures are an obvious choice since they were API related. To be honest, they were more and I liked this. But those two definitely seemed more appealing to me!


Last but definitely not least (most probably this is the most important topic I have to touch), performance in python is the hottest topic I have to deal with daily. My team struggles with performance issues on our production environments, thus any hint is more than welcome.

This is just my experience as a remote attendee of Pycon! If you have any more suggestions, lectures I missed, or anything that you think should be on my list, please ping me!