An overview of the state of modern computer engineering in 2019

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I dont usually discuss about general engineering state in my blog but lately as my team is reaching a maturity I am also more confident on discussing how I see technology going.

It has been discussed time and time again that we are moving towards a future where people wont have to write tones of code and mostly developers would be experts like us who just know how to assemble quick pipelines of business logic. Such tools exist already and they are called ESBs and they are available for more than a decade.

I expect the same to happen again with coding. I truly believe that the art of writing code wont be replaced any time soon, but those amazing new technologies will definitely boost productivity and will make our lives more interesting.

Let’s just imagine what it meant for a programmer to work at the 80s. It meant that I had to be careful of the underlying architecture of the processes or (8085,8086, x86, etc), of the limitations of such, the limitations of my ram (256mb was an extremely luxury feature to design for back then).

Today we don’t have such limitations and even the programming languages that we use today couldn’t exist back at the day. Python is an expensive language for resources and thus most python programs wouldn’t even execute in such processors.

Should we Talk about APIs in 2019?

Recently I have been thinking again about the API space. I love interfaces, specially engineering ones. After being in the API space for a long time now (almost 7 years), I have come to understand that we need interfaces for almost everything. I used to be an awesome hacker developer that I could deliver any crazy requirement that my clients ever asked. But this actually never paid well. I just couldn’t figure out how to make the next step. Then everybody started talking about APIs and I started feeling amazed about the clean processes of software lifecycle that could offer.

I felt that, that was it! I could deliver clean reusable solutions to my clients that not only that would solve their problem, but it would easy to maintain as well! That was my first instinct of starting thinking like an architect.

I started designing APIs and spent numerous hours of studying other peoples

Making APIs more Intelligent

I have a feeling that the more businesses grow the more we are going to need smarter integrations and more intelligent APIs. Human developers cannot and it is not feasible at all to keep up with all the devices out there needing to connect. Everybody needs data, and eventually devices and standalone services would require such access.

Engineering Podcasts to Listen

I know I am not the first to say, listen to podcasts if you wanna deep learn about a topic. Thus, below you can find some of my favourite podcasts that I follow in order to keep up to date.

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