Web APIs Explained By Selling Goods From Your Farm

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If you have been to a farmer’s market or farm stand, then you can understand the concept of an application-programming interface (API).

If you are new to web development, you probably hear the term “API” a lot.

“I can’t wait until that company releases their public API!”

“That company’s API is a confusing mess.”

“Do they have an endpoint for that data in their API?”

Understanding the concept of an application-programmer interface (API) can be pretty difficult if you are not familiar with concepts like SOAP, HTTP and XML.

So, I wanted to find a way to explain the way that web APIs work as a whole so that when you get into the nitty-gritty technical details, you will understand how it all fits together.

In this tutorial, you are the owner of a farm that sells 5 products- chicken, pork, eggs tomatoes and corn.


In order to understand this…

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