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What is HTTP?

  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • Protocol to transfer of data from a web server to web browser – in many forms/format to communicate with each other over the Internet.
  • Standard for transforming documents on World Wide Web (RFC 2616)

Different methods to transfer the data from client to server

methods**An idempotent HTTP method is an HTTP method that can be called many times without different outcomes. It would not matter if the method is called only once, or ten times over. The result should be the same. It essentially means that the result of a successfully performed request is independent of the number of times it is executed. For example, in arithmetic, adding zero to a number is idempotent operation.

Below is Example of Get method

headersBelow is complete HTTP request and response flow

HTTP_StepsClick to Get complete HTTP reference document  – Headers/Messages/Security/Status

We can transfer almost all…

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