Tech Talk: How TBA Scales to Handle Competition Season Load

The Blue Alliance Blog

410+ K web page views. 350+ K API requests received*. 110+ K notifications sent. That’s how much load the TBA servers experienced on a typical Saturday during the competition season in 2017. Here’s a look at how The Blue Alliance is able to scale to meet demands while keeping running costs low. In short: TBA uses Google’s scalable web platform and a whole lot of caching.

* The number of API requests are higher than this, but due to caching, our servers only see and track a fraction of the number of requests made. More on this later.

pageviews_2016_2017 2016 vs. 2017 page views

Google App Engine

The main backend for The Blue Alliance runs on Google App Engine (GAE), a fully managed, highly scalable cloud platform. This gives developers the freedom to spend more time implementing features rather than managing servers and other infrastructure — very beneficial for a community-driven project…

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