Making HTTP Requests in JavaScript

I really liked this detailed guide to consuming APIs through Javascript. No matter if you are using ReactJS or Angular or any other frontend framework, this is basic knowledge that you have to deal with at some point. Rahul leads by example here. A must read in my opinion.


The Introduction :

As you probably know very well by now, the internet is made up of a bunch of interconnected computers called servers. When you are surfing the web and navigating between web pages, our browser  requests information from any of these servers. The chart below explains explicitly on the request.


That is, our browser sends a request, waits for the server to respond to the request, and (once the server responds) processes the request. All of this is governed by protocols or rules which is a topic for another day.

Application Program Interface (API) 

Now the Wikipedia definition of the API will tell you, an Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building 47.pngapplication software. But in layman terms , in the context of the web, the API’s generally allow you to send commands to programs running on the servers that…

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