Scrape a Webpage using Python 2.7

I have been drafting a similar article for quite some time, but then my friend Konstantinos posted this. I just loved it..
The simplicity, the straight points he makes and obviously the hands-on tutorial. I just hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did!

My Data Mining

Similar to the previous post, in this post, we are going to learn how to extract information from the Internet. We have to create a dataset first, to implement data mining techniques. So, let’s start.

Github Code of this project.

1. What is scraping?

Scraping is a technique that allows us to extract information from the Internet. For example, scraping a web page means that we are going to extract the HTML from that page and then take the ‘useful’ information from the HTML. Useful information is the information that we need, for example, the infobox of a Wikipedia page or the meta tags of a web page, etc. For more information, you can check the definition of Web Scraping.

2. Scraping a Webpage

For this project we are going to need the following packages:

Like before, I am going to build the project as…

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