Late night Thoughts on #API Engineering

It is only a few months ago when I decided to embark on the serious journey of blogging about technology and mainly about APIs. I have to admit that it is not always “sunny”, and I am getting more rarely in the mood of writing anything related.

I spend my time outlining stories and/or blogs but those do not become public. Honestly, I did not expect the traffic on the site and I did not expect at all that it mattered to anyone.

As you may have guessed, I have my hands full with Orfium, which is my latest challenge. It is a project that I love to experiment with, tackle the daily challenges and innovate on the way.

We have had several issues with payments, notifications and much much more. I thought REST was the answer for everything  and much of my academic career was focusing onto that. All those challenges made me realise tones of things regarding software architecting in general. The true nature and capabilities of cloud computing (not just the buzz words), and I can buy beers to anyone willing to hear me talking about how many times heroku and AWS have both save my ass…

Recently I wrote another similar post, but with a different focus, mostly for the youngsters that want to dive in onto the crazy world of software engineering. I was talking about how easy it is to experiment and create prototypes.  But right now what I am telling is a little bit different:

It is indeed true that prototyping and experimenting is easy with APIs and please do it!! But developing a stable, scalable solution, is another story. APIs will help you get there, but before you trust an API, you need to trust the provider..

Jan 21 1905 Harper's Weekly Cover
Jan 21 1905 Harper’s Weekly Cover

This is just a quote from my experience and you can totally disagree. As always, I like to discuss those matters with you on twitter or directly through emai!!

In order to close this article, I state some relevant quotes from Julius Caesar:

Experience is the teacher of all things.

It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.

( Both quotes heavily apply on API engineering. Never forget those, and you’ll be okay..)