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The API Athens Meetup

It all started as a coffee discussion between Giorgos, Kostas, Fotis and myself. We talked about hypermedia, APIs, trends from the APIStrat Conference (which had all visit on 2014) and many other API related sources.

All this chat, concluded in kickstarting our own meetup:

The API Athens Meetup

API Athens

Athens, GR
1,010 API Artisans

Hello world!!!This meetup is for people who build, use, explore or want to learn more about APIs. The purpose of this group is to meet and discuss ideas, new stuff, real life…

Check out this Meetup Group →

The timing was perfect, because the Meetup was becoming like a trend in software and developer communities, and there were only a couple more in Athens with more management/agile focus. Thus, we decided to go forward with this decision and we started on June of 2014.

We were around twenty people which was at least cool for a first event. Below you can see myself talking about the API StandardsDimitris was also presenting that day, and he was also super enthusiastic about the whole meetup thing that he immediately joined the effort.

apilama at apimeetup

Me presenting at the first API Athens Meetup

More and more events have happened since then and the 5 of us have managed to bring many noteworthy speakers around the world and Greece. Only some of those that have presented:


Steve Klablink presenting remotely at the Meetup

I am really proud of what we have already succeeded with the team and we definitely look forward to organise more events and hackathons.

We are always open to suggestions, talks and we definitely would like to hear use cases and problems directly from companies.

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