Series: Engineering in Orfium

Orfium Company provides customers with a platform for managing their music rights as it assists employees to discover their potential. Formed in 2015, this company grants rights holders and artists with 100% control of their music content as it is a music platform, monetization, and social network service, provider. Customers log on the Orfium website have access to the best music discovery, listening, and sharing. The engineering department has been at the center of this firm’s operations and has 30 employees. The leadership team of Orfium has been a great influencer of the engineering culture which is open, innovative, and experimental.
In this series, we will highlight Orfium’s organizational culture, the importance of the engineering culture to both the company and employees as well as its important parts and ways that culture can be created.

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Orfium’s Engineering Culture

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Orfium Music Company is a technology company in the music industry. Innovation is a core driving force of the whole culture.