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Series: The Quest for Defining the Digital Object

The growth of the web has continuously hastened and prevailed in multiple business models. Therefore, a large number of customers and often non-standardized services that hinder web and mobile application development and sustainability have been influenced. In most cases, web connection objects are incompatible with certain applications designed for developers. However, their lifespan remains the same or less than the explicit software lifecycle. This blog series explores the current situation of digital objects and their affordances. Also, this series explores the relationship between the two fields, as well as some modern approaches to standardization. I will aim to conclude with an attempt to define the digital objects and affordances and summarizes that they are the necessary tools to tackle in the application of the generalized apparatus in the Internet of Things.

The Quest for Defining Digital Affordances

The word affordance has been well used in the field of technology to illustrate the belief that technological determinism has shaped society. The term affordance has moved into a vernacular […]