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I write software to help people because it’s rewarding and I love doing it, which I think is a good reason to do just about anything ❤️

The #API Web Source

Apilama is a personal project by @mpetyx in order to promote APIs as a core technology. This page has a blog section where I will regularly post content about APIs either mine or from other sources, has a community page where you can find more about my experiments, it contains a page where I experiment with standards and more specifically a new media type which I like to call DeepGraphs and finally a way to communicate with me (if you are not a twitter fan). I recently added an extra (experimental) section for describing my latest activities.


Not all ideas are originally mine, whenever I post or repost something it means that I believe in this. I do not intend to steal material by others, I am just trying to promote ideas and best practices related to APIs in order to make sure people get aware of the new Trends. I will always use references whenever I repost something.

The reincarnation of Service Oriented Architecture in the world of Rest

The Legend

APILama is the first reincarnation of the famous Lama Turing.  Or at least this is what he likes people to believe about himself.  APILama is a legendary creature/person who preaches about how software should be developed in an ideal world.

He tries to think Hypermedia and in terms of Cloud Engineering. This is definitely not always the case, because most of the time he is under pressure to release too soon. If you ever in your life had a manager or a team, you totally feel what he blogs about.

The man

Michael is a software architect with vast experience in software development and designing. He has been an early adopter of several technologies and a pioneer in Greece on several domains. He started passionately diving in the world of robotics and humanoids in his early twenties. He spent two marvelous years in that area and later decided to focus only on Artificial Intelligence and on the pursue of Singularity.

After many years of understanding and coding in both academia and companies, he participated in various start-ups. It started becoming clear to him that Singularity would only be realistic through the ultimate orchestration of the various Web Sources. This is where the API enthusiasm, becomes obsession and passion. His Ph.D. research focuses on APIs and micro-services architectures. Since then, he uses his experience and knowledge with his team of experts and friends to tackle software issues.

He currently is involved in various large-scale projects, but always looking for new challenges to work on.

He loves the start-up experience and he is always ready to embark on the next API adventure!

apilama The Michael Lama
The Michael Lama